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I had the most amazing experience with Maria in my QHHT® session. I'm still playing it over and over in my head. The implication of how boundless I really am makes me cry with joy! As I dwell more on what I saw, felt and experienced it all becomes so much more real. I know it deep within! Thank you for healing a healer Maria!

Derek Cannon, Level 2 QHHT® Practitioner - Richland, WA
"My session was extremely relaxing. The deepest and most intense emotion was of pure and absolute love, like I was immersed in and connected with the most intense kind of love I have ever known. I also felt connected to parts of myself I have never consciously known before. It felt humbling and I was filled with awe.

My session helped me gain a new perspective on my purpose in life and my evolution as a human being. It showed me the depth of love that is available to me and that I have within myself, and that felt incredibly healing.

I would recommend a session with Maria foremost to help you connect with the enormity of perfect love that is a part of us, which is available to us. I would also recommend it to gain a deeper understanding of your purpose in life and have any questions answered that you may have."

Christian - Berkeley, California
“My experience was very positive, empowering and comforting. The session was indeed a safe space for me to feel listened to, understood and respected. I felt very at ease discussing my life story before the deeper work began and enjoyed the meditative state that lasted for the rest of the session. Ultimately, I became familiar with a part of myself that is fully capable of supporting me and being recognized and rewarded by others. My session with Maria has given me an opportunity to move past feelings of inadequacy and embrace the natural talents that I have been given. It was a wonderful affirmation for me to experience myself living a successful life that was based on my visions and creativity. I would definitely recommend a QHHT® session to those who are interested in exploring “forgotten” aspects of themselves.”
Erika - Boston, Massachusetts
“I had a very relaxing session even though I had a lot of emotions come to the surface. Maria was so gentle, funny and an amazing guide. Time also seemed to stop that day. My session helped me understand my life and it was an amazing feeling to reconnect with my higher self. It was such a beautiful feeling to have confirmation that my life is exactly as it should be. I am also not a visual person, so I thought I was going to have trouble visualizing but, I realized there is a deep sense of knowing that does not come from sight of images, so for me this was also a great discovery, learning that my mind sees what it needs to in order to help me with my healing.”
Karen - Maitland, NSW, Australia
"My past life regression experience with Maria Sherow was the first time I had ever experienced anything like this. I was nervous, but Maria's manner and experience and comforting nature were instrumental in my decision to try this and to relax throughout. I have had a lot on mind lately and wanted to gather some advice, wisdom and direction from any source I could. As Maria described what the regression would be like I realized that there could be something here to try and learn from.

The biggest take away for me is about Maria's amazing sense of peace, and calm as she talks you through the various steps of the process and guides you on this path. After spending this time on this path with her, I think I can say that few people in the world know me better now! It's an intimate experience.

During the experience I always felt considered and comforted. Her techniques to effect a relaxed state, a meditative state and perhaps even a hypnotic state were excellent and as with everything else she really knows her stuff. I don't think I went as deep as some people can, but being very left brained (analytic, ENFJ for those who know!) that wasn't a surprise to me.

It was an incredible experience. Though I had a time fully going "under" just the PROCESS of considering for a day or more what I wanted to explore was valuable and has helped me on my way. I can't thank her enough for this. Will I do it again? Once I'm more settled in my new Life, I just might!"

Rob - Berkeley, California
"At first, both during and after the session I had with Maria I felt a resistance to something. I was unable to let it go consciously, but even though I was experiencing this, I followed her guidelines for follow up. Less than a week later, it is becoming clear to me that the work we did is definitely having an influence on my subconscious. The resistance has been replaced with strength of purpose. I am being fed info thru 'downloads' at night, in my dreams. I wake up with more clarity and intent, and have been feeling very motivated to develop strategies that support my true vision of my Self. Thank you Maria, this work is a powerful tool!"
Cindy - Pahoa, HI
"Maria's soothing voice took me deep and I felt immediately in a safe setting. With her gentle assistance, I was able to understand physical and emotional issues developed in the past that lingered into my current life. Maria helped immensely to answer questions which allowed me to move forward into relevant healing and forgiveness and as a pleasant result I feel more harmonic and a karmic balance. I am able to replay the recorded sessions for information accessible from my higher self as ongoing inner wisdom supporting and guiding me in new directions. My spiritual guiding voice especially encourages Maria to continue pursuing this work at top level with others. I am in full gratitude of the sessions with Maria and know she will be instrumental in helping so many others with their spiritual developments and physical healings that are happily welcomed and transformative."
Jacquilyn - Pahoa, HI
"Maria is a highly compassionate healer. She is a nutritional, energy, and past life regression guru who utilizes Ho'opono like forgiveness. By exposing the truth and power of past life experience carried forward... and now reviewed through her proven method. It's as if the required healing is enacted and unstoppable afterwards. This powerful healing session is clearly progressive and the evolution of soul to a higher expression of being... It's through recognizing my life long patterns of betrayal and conflict... And in some huge way grasping the understanding of karma... I can be free! It's nothing like I had ever imagined!"
Mary - Kalapana, HI
The session was very effective in shifting my whole being towards greater happiness and health. You may recall we discussed food too and I'm eating salad again (which I love) and eliminated the basmati rice. It seems to be a good change and that makes me happy! I will listen to the recording when I get some quiet time. I know it will be renewing and continue the path of healing. Thank you so much!!"
Marcia - Pahoa, HI
"In thanks and praise to Maria Sherow... Through an experience guided by Maria, I visited a version of myself that was truly empowered, and demonstrated leadership, deep care, respect, responsibility, and joyous love. By feeling this place in me, I have been granted new clarity in how to continue integrating these qualities into life here and now. This will be instrumental in my own fulfillment and delivering to the world exactly what I am here to achieve. Mahalo nui loa."
Ryan - Hilo, HI
"In just one session, Maria guided me in releasing baggage and trauma that I’ve spent years in therapy attempting to resolve and bring closure to. She is a pool of knowledge and wisdom, with an air of grace and nurturing that made me feel safe and cared for. We unearthed blockages that I had not even known existed. Her big picture view allows you to make connections to the intersections of your narratives and story lines that you may not have seen on your own. I came into this experience with some skepticism and doubt, but since working with Maria, I can’t begin to articulate my absolute faith and confidence in the effective change we enacted together. I left far more assured, healed and at peace than how I once came. I am forever changed."

Monica, Roselle Park, New Jersey
"I felt calm, peaceful and safe during my session. Maria was a very sweet and open presence. I feel more solid and centered in my relating with those around me in my daily life. I'm grateful and feel this session helped me."
Liesl - Pahoa, HI
"My QHHT® experience was timeless. I was surprised to learn how long the session lasted. Maria was fully present, compassionate, 100% there for me without judgement and with a very positive outlook."
Therapist with 20 years' experience - Big Island, HI
"Even though I was not able to fully let go of control, my questions were still answered. My session helped me to forgive things that needed forgiving, allowing me to move past a stuck part of my life and has helped me figure things out. The resentment and anger are gone, allowing me to focus on more important things and also allowing me to be comfortable within myself."

Michelle - Lafayette, Louisiana
"Thank you so much for the amazing treatment! I have been feeling a lot since...all good. I appreciate you! You are such a kind and beautiful woman. Thank you for the way you nurtured and cared for me. You are very good at what you do and I know you will help many people!"
Jacklynn, Puna Rainforest Retreat - Haines, Alaska
"I have always felt there are certain moments in our lives that can lead us to an “awakening” so that we are able to receive new experiences and knowledge that we might not have expected. I would like to thank you Maria for taking me to that place with our QHHT® session. Your gentle and loving guidance throughout our session helped me feel that I was in a very safe place and that I could let go of any reservations and just flow with the journey that unfolded before me. While QHHT® is a powerful healing tool it's also a “revealing” tool. After each session I felt very light and refreshed and filled with wonder as I pondered my journey of discovery in a past time and place. It's powerful “medicine” for those who are seeking answers and healing in their present life. Mahalo"

RMCD, Kalapana, Hawaii
"I would recommend a session with Maria because it helped me gain clarity, insight and it offered a new perspective. It was relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing and inspiring towards healing and self development."
M.C. - Pahoa, Hawaii
"My session with Maria was beautiful. I truly felt like my higher self was speaking with her, allowing me to hear what my higher self had to say. It is a beautiful process and journey to allow your inner guidance to guide you through the experience, with full trust that everything is happening as it should. I felt really calm and filled with a heightened energy afterwards! Will definitely be having another session with Maria, she is a beautiful soul and amazing guide to this therapy."
Jennelle LeMoine,
"Mahalo nui Maria for sending the session recording as promised! :) I am excited to listen to it again and receive the hidden (and clear) gems from that magically delicious experience you so adeptly and lovingly facilitated! :) We will see you in da flow .... a hui ho! With love and appreciation!"

Jaime, Pahoa, Hawaii
"I would definitely recommend a session. The whole process felt safe. It really allowed me to get in touch with what's really going on within myself."

Karla, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
"My past life recollection with Maria was amazing! It confirmed my intuition about my calling and about my past. Maria provided safety, support and gentle guidance. I felt strong emotions while “in” my past life and I appreciated Maria’s ability to bring me to my higher self. I felt as though my higher self and I were in charge of this experience. I could sense my body and I remembered my experience. I am now empowered to make changes in my life that I wanted to make before. I am stronger, wiser and more compassionate to myself. I would love to do another session with Maria."
Valusha, Nia Teacher - Pahoa, Hawaii


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